Signage system T-Mobile Campus Bonn
Client T-Mobile Year 2003 Focus Wayfinding & signage systems Contractor T-Mobile Germany, Bonn Project type Realisation unit Task Conception, design, planning, realisation Project partner Architecture: Schmitz Architects, Cologne Manufacturer Siebdruck Eicher unit Employee Peter Eckart und Bernd Hilpert, Matthias Görlich, Uwe Röttgen, Heidrun Althen, Christian Breig,

The new headquarters of T-Mobile has more than 5000 workplaces distributed over just storeys. The spacious building complex places high requirements on orientation. unit-design created an orientation system specifically for this building that stands in complete contrast to T-Mobile’s corporate design. The material and style of graphics and surfaces reflect the architecture and in many places are affixed straight to the walls. The entire T-MOBILE CAMPUS is split into 40 large offices designed as open working worlds. To make the offices easier to find, we have developed a name concept for the central meeting points that helps identification.

On the T-Mobile Campus, search and find is solved by combining a functional and an associative orientation level. The room code enables precise location and provides the link to facility management. Naming the cores after cities allows gives employees the opportunity to orientate themselves intuitively and easily agree meeting points. The initial letters of the selected city names indicate their respective element, hence creating the link to the room code. The naming the cores has created locations that are easy to remember and pass on, generated identity and serve as bearing and meeting points. In a follow-up project which also served as improving the acoustic situation at the meeting point, the city names were also staged as images in large-area room graphics.

The key design element of the entire graphic image is the consistent use of black and white. Like an internal layer, the objectivity of the signage system elements is also emphasised throughout the entire building with use of the monotype font OCR. To complement the font, special icons have been created for use by T-Mobile. The room signs are made from black anodised aluminium and enable the simple replacement of name and department signs. The room code appears on the so-called ‘flag’. For the overview signs in the open working world, a schematic outline assigns the employee’s name to a room area, thus helping in the search. Shown on the wall near the junction signs are the nearest meeting points and their city name. The reference to the gallery helps with orientation as a whole and points the sure way to the main junction.

The underground car park is split into 3 parking zones to match the building areas located above. The areas are marked by strong colours. The numerous entrances from the underground car park are clearly emphasised by the particular zone colour. Naming them as part of the city theme and indicating the storey provides an easily remembered destination on entering the building. On leaving the building, the car park entered that morning is easier to find.

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