Client RFR Immobilien Year 2013 Focus Visual identity Project type Realization unit Task Concept development, design, supervision of design implementation Project partner Just Burgeff Architekten unit Employee Bernd Hilpert, Sabrina Heinze, Peter Eckart, Christian Breig, Konrad Regel, Lisa Kelso Photography Eibe Sönnecken

Fortyseven stories high the WestendGate is one of the most striking high rises of the Frankfurt skyline. In the course of the buildings revitalization not only has WestendGate received a representative new entrance, but also a completely new facade and outdoor facilities. It houses office spaces and a hotel.
unit-design designed a cohesive, as well as exclusive wayfinding system for the entire building, which encompasses the graphic appearance and logo of the building, exterior identification markers, the foyer, the parking garage and office spaces. The consistent use of materials, lighting, icons and signage unify the various components of the wayfinding system. The design concept of “black and white” and superior implementation guarantee external and internal recognition. The wayfinding system in the new WestendGate fulfills several functions: state-of-the-art backlit elements offer a unique representation for the buildings tenants and it connects the buildings functions with a consistent design idea.

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