Signage and wayfinding Deutsche Bank Headquarter
Client Deutsche Bank AG Year 2010 Focus Mario Bellini Architects Wayfinding & signage systems GMP Architekten unit Task Concept, Design & Planning Project partner Mario Bellini Architects, Milano Manufacturer Mario Bellini Architects, Mailand unit Employee Peter Eckart, Bernd Hilpert, Sabrina Heinze, Robert Cristinetti, Rade Matic

The headquarters of Deutsche Bank are a worldwide renowned icon since their realization in 1984. Both towers were completely refurbished between 2008 and 2011and since then have been certificated – as the first renovated skyscrapers worldwide – with LEED Platinum and other awards for energy-effective and sustainable buildings.
Beside technical changes in sense of recycling materials, construction and operation methods, the building has been redesigned by the italian architect and designer Mario Bellini. As a result, the interior is now characterized by genuine, solid materials and surfaces.
Emphasising this approach, unit-design developed a principle of integrating all letterings into existing surfaces with silkscreen printing and sandblasting.
Icons are supporting orientation with showing the characteristic shapes of the building parts and are referring to the architectural structure. Providing the new corporate design of Deutsche Bank the use of fonts is limited to one cut and the hierachisation is based on size and proportion only. The system is complemented with a customised set of pictograms for Frutiger’s Univers font.