ECB Press Room
Eurotower Frankfurt
Client European Central Bank Year 2008 Focus Corporate architecture & environmental branding Luna Licht; Kalsruhe unit Task Conception Design Project partner Matthias Friedrich; Luna.Lichtarchitektur, Karlsruhe Manufacturer Ellermann / Leitner / Rosenthal Einrichtungen / Fabromont unit Employee Bernd Hilpert, Robert Cristinetti, Heidrun Althen, Florian Kleene

To mark the tenth anniversary of the European Central Bank, unit-design revamped the interior of the press room in the ECB. This is where, at monthly intervals, President Jean-Claude Trichet announces the canons of the European currency awaited by the world.
The design of this event, eagerly attended by international reporters, is largely dictated by the requirements of medial distribution, by TV and viewing. A congenial and open overall design and a clear source identifier for close-up views have been merged into one setting. A finely-coordinated lighting design and the spacious, lively background guarantee a felicitous appearance.