Randstad display system
Client Randstad Year 2004 Focus Corporate architecture & environmental branding Studio Dumbar; Rotterdam Contractor Randstad Germany, Eschborn unit Task Conception, design, planning, realisation Project partner Corporate design: Studio Dumbar / Product design: unit-design Manufacturer Schreiner Coburg unit Employee Peter Eckart and Bernd Hilpert, Heidrun Althen, Kai Rosenstein Photography Willi Müller-Sieslak

Randstad ranks among Europe’s largest recruitment agencies. The company has 1,400 branches worldwide, 50 of which are in Germany. In 2003, Dutch communication specialist Studio Dumbar was commissioned to expand the company’s corporate design. The new style is now to be implemented in all Randstad offices. unit-design has been engaged to develop a display system for the display windows in the branches. Unit-design has developed, exclusively for Randstad, a lightweight, flexible modular system that is easy to install in extremely diverse room situations. The system is independent of ceiling and floor conditions. The stand elements can be positioned anywhere and need no attachments whatsoever. The integrated lighting system, also independent of its environment, is optimally matched to the graphics. The system’s transparent appearance catches the eye. It offers a free view, yet has clear visual radiation intensity. The horizontal, dynamic orientation of the graphic elements at eye height allows simple perception on passing by. The depth graduation and spatial overlaps increase attention value. The lighting system developed specifically for this system illuminates the graphics without stepping to the fore itself and effectively sets the communication scene.