Look-out "Wetterpark Offenbach"
Client Stadt Offenbach Year 2006 Focus Public design bb22 architekten und stadtplaner; Frankfurt Contractor Planungsverband Ballungsraum Frankfurt/ Rhein-Main, Stadt Offenbach, Deutscher Wetterdienst unit Task Conception, design, planning, realisation Project partner Ulrike Rupprecht, Armin Pfennig, Gerhard Lux Manufacturer Fabrication: Steel construction: Laudemann GmbH / Graphic design: Schäfer und Peters unit Employee Bernd Hilpert, Peter Eckart, Bruno Scheffler Photography Eibe Sönnecken

The name “Sicht” [view] refers to both the beautiful vista towards Feldberg in the Taunus mountain range, and also in a meteorological sense to the visibility being ascertained. Light and clear air are essential to the visibility of remote objects. Of course, visibility is also in the eye of the beholder and that’s why a look-out is precisely the right solution as a new exhibit station. The look-out in the weather station park combines the aspects of view and visibility and uses them to explain atmospheric opacity and to observe the weather conditions and its bad weather fronts.

The railing around the visitor pulpit is used to explain typical European weather conditions. In the re-interpretation of the panorama, the directions are shown with their typical weather fronts. A weather condition represents a status of the atmosphere within a large area and at a certain point in time. It is dictated by the position of the high and low pressure areas and changes little from day to day. The geographical situation concerned is demonstrated by schematised meteorological maps.