Parking Garage Dom Römer
Golden ornaments for orientation
Client City of Frankfurt Year 2013 Focus Wayfinding & signage systems Visual identity Contractor Dom Römer GmbH Project type Realisation Project partner schneider + schumacher architekten unit Employee Bernd Hilpert, Sabrina Heinze, Peter Eckart, Lisa Kelso, Christian Breig, Konrad Regel Photography Eibe Sönnecken

The comprehensive environmental graphics for the Parking Garage Dom Römer, developed by unit-design, are based on the primary design concept of schneider+schumacher architects. The design measures are aimed at creating an all encompassing visual impact in the parking garage and a coherent wayfinding system within the two-storied garage.

The extensively painted red walls are characteristic for the appearance of the garage. They set a strong visual accent, generate points of attention and provide an independent level of design, which clearly separates itself from the spatially angled and heterogenous environment. In conjunction with a fine golden decor and the selected type font, a distinctive atmosphere is created, ensuring a unique identity and visual identity.

The choice of color red derives from the desire to give the parking garage a contemporary presence without conflicting with the continuing development of the building site aboveground. Through the combination of red and gold an overall atmospheric tone is set, which references the various architectures of the Dom Römer project.

At the heart of the wayfinding system lie the three entry- and exit ways, which will be fully accessible upon completion of the entire building site. The names of the exits (Römer, Markt and Dom) are symbolized through the use of pictograms/ graphic icons, that appear in the direction signs and as golden ornaments on the red walls highlighting the exits. The icon for the exit Römer references the silhouette of the town hall of Frankfurt, for the exit Markt the symbol is a crown, alluding to the street above the exit named Krönungsweg (Coronation Path). The specific icons act as memory aids, which support the orientation system within the spacious parking garage.
Special attention was also paid to the floor graphics. Red guidelines, accompanied by ceiling-mounted signposts, lead towards the exits highlighted in red. The parking spaces are numbered consecutively and thus condensed to comprehensive units, which eases the search for the respective parking space.
With a design aimed at achieving the highest quality during the implementation, we can now experience a completely new and extraordinary Dom Römer Parking Garage.